APLN is live

Missed the opportunity to buy SHIBA and DOGECOIN?

APLN is launching globaly at $0.01 USD on:

As featured on:

We're live, but things aren't fully ready yet

What is Apolline?

APLN is a crypto token focused on simplifying the way we send, receive and spend our cryptocurrency.

Available as:

BEP20 and ERC20 APLN token distribution will be announced on our Official Telegram Group

APLN Ecosystem

Staking Pool

Earn interest on your holdings and vote for improvements on the APLN ecosystem while keeping 100% control on your coins.

Instant Payment System

Send/Receive crypto to/from anyone through a simple chat message.

Prepaid Visa Card

Spend your APLN at your favorite restaurant, supermarket or any kind of business by swipping your APLN Visa card.


  • Token Issuance

    Grow Social Media Presence

  • 1st Massive Airdrop

    Hyper-discounted private presale

  • Expansion to ERC20

    Expansion to BEP20

    Poloniex Listing Delayed

    Uniswap Listing

    JustSwap Listing Non compatible

    Pancakeswap Listing

  • Burning of 50% of all existing supply

    Coinmarketcap Listing In progress

    Coingecko Listing

    Beta test of Staking Pool System (SPS) In progress

    A limited amount of volunteers will be chosen through form submission on the official telegram group (@apollinecoin) to test the SPS

  • Open Staking Pool System to the whole community

    More exchange listings

    We're aiming for Binance, Gate.io, Huobi Global and Bitfinex.

    Start development of Instant Payment System (IPS)

    Integration of Instant Payment System with Telegram

    This includes the integration with other potentially compatible instant messaging apps.

    Test Instant Payment System with volunteers

  • The official APLN Instant Payment System API is open to the world

    This will promote the development of multiple projects inside the Apolline Ecosystem

    Integration of the Instant Payment System with Visa Card issuers

    This will allow IPS users to easily use their crypto for ATM fiat withdrawals and pay for goods and services as they do with the debit/credit cards they’re familiar with.

    First APLN Visa cards are delivered to users worldwide


All positions are filled

APLN affiliates earn an instant 50% commission from every sale during Round A, B and C of APLN Private Sale.

  • 50% referral commission in TRX

  • All commissions paid within 1 hour